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An article that claims that at least one third of students have utilized cheating sites for essay help has caused an outcry. Therefore students should be aware of whether it’s safe to purchase essays online and if they can obtain assistance with their essays from websites that offer assistance. This is particularly troubling to the federal government, which is trying to prevent cheating online essay writing platforms from being available on university and college computers. The New York Times reports that the Federal Trade Commission is « already investigating » the New York Times story, which suggests that the company behind the question essay service could be in the wrong by providing students with assistance with essay topics, rather than aiding them with actual essay writing. The report suggests that the Federal Trade Commission has sent warning letters to a variety of other companies involved in this kind of online marketing.

The article states that numerous colleges and universities have already removed these essay-help websites because of the issues they feel they are having with online essays. According to the Times’s report top officials from the University of Virginia threatened to shut down student essays service websites. One reason why the officials are taking this action is due to the time essays take to write. They are concerned that a lot of students are waiting to complete their essays before they use these sites to help write their final essays. This concern, along with the fact these services are expensive has led to debate over whether or whether the New York Times article is true.

Professional writers have been vocal in their criticism of the New York Times’ decision to publish this article. They argue that writing essays online is not a reputable academic writing service. There’s no reason to believe that a professional writer should write the top writing paper services essays on your behalf, instead of you writing them yourself. Essays written from the viewpoint of the writer rather than those written by academic writers are usually times more effective. Also, while we are not suggesting you steal the work of other writers. Rather, we are suggesting that you use your common sense and do not attempt to copy other people’s work, or claim it as your own work.

There are some who are concerned about allegations of plagiarism. If you look through the New York Times article closely enough, you’ll see that the accusations made here are not about plagiarism, but of ideas that have been copied and pasted from others. We are aware of the concerns that people have regarding the New York Times’ online essay policy. There’s nothing wrong with a professor using essay writing services to serve as a tool instead of an aid to his students. Many professors are using these new tools to help their students complete their research papers.

It is crucial to remember that professors do not give out textbooks. There are guidelines that must be followed to meet the requirements established by the United States Department of Education’s Office of Fair Education. These guidelines, as you can see in the New York Times article, are very specific and prohibit the copying of other people’s work. Students who copy the work of others could be suspended from school, losing their grades, and could even be given an F grade. This is clearly a much more serious issue than using professional writing services for academic purposes to compile an essay.

Another thing that many do not realize is that there are various kinds of essays. In the same way when a student goes to an essay class and is not required to write nonfiction papers, they are expected to write essays that are focused on a particular subject. Often, professors assign nonfiction essays during classes where students will be required to read a specific book. In the same way, a nonfiction writer will be required to do some heavy reading and research a particular subject.

Essays purchased from the internet are often offered under the pretense of academic papers, or an essay to be published in the future. As previously mentioned, there are no restrictions on writing essays as such, however most universities and professors have different rules that they follow. Students must adhere to these guidelines to avoid serious penalties. There are numerous resources available on the internet that will help writers understand what it means when it comes to plagiarism as well as how to prevent it in the event that it occurs.

Many universities and colleges require students to purchase essays from their writing services available on campus instead of simply borrowing them. Students must ensure that they learn something from every assignment they write regardless of whether or not they are using work from another person. Examining other students’ work and learning about the rules they follow in regards to plagiarism is a great way to learn. Anyone seeking to broaden their knowledge on a particular subject can use essays as a means of education.

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