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Casablanca (Arabicالدار البيضاء‎, romanizedAd-dār al-Bayḍā' [adˈdaːru ɫbajdˤaːʔ] or كازابلانكاthe white houseBerber  anguagesⴰⵏⴼⴰromanized: Anfa [ænfæ] incline) is the largest city of Morocco. Located in the central-western part of Morocco bordering the Atlantic Ocean, it is the largest city in the Maghreb region and the eighth-largest in the Arab world. Casablanca is Morocco's chief port and one of the largest financial centers in Africa. According to the 2014 population estimate, the city has a population of about 3.35 million in the urban area and over 4.27 million in the Greater Casablanca. Casablanca is considered the economic and business center of Morocco, although the national political capital is Rabat.

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Best Seasons:All seasons
Popular Location:Hassan II Mosque
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