On Insaniquarium How Do You Make Presto Change?

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With detailed environment, addictive gameplay, exciting sounds and brilliant controls, Adventure Aquarium is the Insaniquarium wonderful game to play and enjoy. Insaniquarium is Action-oriented, and Puzzle video game that enables me to complete different tasks and quests to win. I need to protect different Guppies and other fish from aliens who enter the tank and attempt to destroy them. Such a game requires me to take care of two Guppies and other fish who drop a tremendous amount of money. I can make use of money to buy other aquatic creatures, powerful lasers to repel attackers and other filling food. I need to manage the tank of guppies and complete several stages to win.

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  • It has rocks where a bonsai tree grows, including a flat rock where Niko is situated, and a arc-shaped stone bridge that connects the bonsai to a Chinese pagoda.
  • Special Fish – These will vary from tank to tank and will be explained in the relevant sections.
  • A special trick that allows a fitfh pet (or fourth if you don’t have the 4 pet limit).

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It makes the tank more interesting as well. To make the atmosphere more realistic, developers also include some growing seaweed. When you play in the virtual tank, you’ll find this background as well. This one is one of the easiest tanks in Insaniquarium. As a first tank, a player can feel the backdrop of it. Different points make this tank more special to the player.

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Now don’t get all the diamonds right away. Hopefully, Amp is still next to Walter and gets punched again. The initial strategy is to zap your guppies as often as possible instead of trying to grow them. Eventually Clyde andStinky will not be able to keep up with the coins. Switch Presto into another collector and just focus on popping pills to your fish.

Challenge mode is not for the weak of heart and is only unlocked once you have finished Adventure mode. Challenge mode has four tanks, each one progressively harder. The objective of Challenge mode is to finish each tank as fast as you can, while at the same time trying to deal with increasingly difficult alien attacks, and rising prices! The prices of all items begin to rise as soon as they become available, and keep on rising.


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